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Live On Stage!

"Live On Stage!" chapters include:
"Orientation Games"(ways to introduce a group to each other and to performing);
"Movement Activities" (how to make dances with everyday human actions);
"Acting Skills" (basic acting games and activities to gain tools that develop concentration through listening and focus, and cooperation);
"Improvisational Techniques" (exercises in 'thinking on your feet');
"Scriptwriting" (ways to write original scripts);
"Scores" (innovative methods to record ideas for performance);
"Musical Forms" (how to adapt musical structures to dance and theater performance);
"Site-Specific Projects" (projects conceived for, installed in, and/or performed in a particular space);
"Short Takes" (quick warm-up exercises to use in classes, rehearsals,and preparation for performance);
"Showtime!" (preparing for a public performance)